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  • Marina AquaVac Water Changer 25ft Hose

    Product Description:  Marina AquaVac Gravel Cleaner and Water Changer is amazingly easy to use. Simply connect it to your sink faucet, push the vacuum tube into the aquarium gravel bed, and twist the pump valve up to refill your tank. To drain and clean your aquarium, simply twist the pump valve down. No more buckets, no more manual siphoning and…

  • ADA Superge

    Product Description:  ADA Superge (To restore the high-clarity of ADA glassware) Detergent solely designed for ADA glassware maintenance. It contains refined sodium chlorate, cleaning and rinsing is easy and quick. Dilute with water for ordinary maintenance. When faster results are desired, put a small amount of undiluted Superge on dirty spots of glassware. (Pay extra attention for rinsing when undiluted…

  • ADA Chlor-Off 250 ml

    Product Description:  ADA Chlor-Off is a chlorine neutralizer for removing free chlorine in tap water. It makes water change risk-free even during winter when chlorine level contained in the water gets higher.

  • ADA Aqua Conditioners Rio Base 250ML

    Product Description:  In the rivers of tropical rain forests, withered plant leaves accumulated in the riverbed emit various kinds of organic substances in its process of bio degradation. These organic matters work as an agent to prevent the harmful effect’ against the fish, and provide nutrients to the water plants by combining with ions within the waters. ADA RIO BASE contains those natural…

  • ADA Aqua Conditioner Clear Dash (250 ml)

    Product Description:  ADA Aqua conditioner CLEAR DASH is a flocculent which immediately eliminates the cloudiness or water-bloom out of the aquarium, which could not be removed through filtration. Minimum influence to aquatic plants. CLEAR DASH works by binding fine suspended particles and detritus into congelated particles which can be easily filtered mechanically. Protein film floating on the water surface can…


    Categories: Aquarium Live Plants, Moss & Liverworts Product Description:  ADA Moss Cotton is a special cotton thread to fix mosses on to driftwood or rocks. Made of a quality cotton material which allows a firm fixation of moss on various layout materials, it is naturally biodegradable after the moss has taken root to the driftwood or rocks. Its dark green…

  • Hikari cichlids Gold Mini pallet fish food – (250Gm)

    Product Description:  A Daily, Color-Enhancing Diet For Cichlids A daily diet containing special color enhancers designed to bring out your pet’s natural beauty while helping them develop desirable form. FEATURES Includes the highest grade of carotenoid available today, offering superior color enhancement while helping your pet retain their natural beauty year round. Can also help restore vivid coloration to washed…

  • Hikari Cichlids Gold – Sinking Type Medium Palate- (342GM)

    Product Description:  Hikari Has a daily, Color-Enhancing Diet For Cichlid And Lager Tro A daily diet containing special color enhancers designed to bring out your pet’s natural beauty while helping them develop desirable form. FEATURES An excellent daily diet for cichlids and larger tropical fish formulated for desirable form with continued use. Includes the highest grade of carotenoid available today,…