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Vivid color. Inspiring size. Impressive variety. These are comments often used to describe our freshwater aquariums by customers who now know the enjoyment of a well-designed freshwater aquarium. These aquariums offer a hearty environment and are becoming increasingly popular. Freshwater tanks typically require less equipment and food. In addition, freshwater fish thrive, often breeding in the aquarium.

Create a compelling freshwater system for you, our knowledgeable service representatives meet with you to grasp a full understanding of your interests and needs. All of our service representatives are well trained to handle any aquarium situation; in addition they are also insured and bonded. The representative will recommend an aquarium design, which could be custom made or prefabricated. Next, they determine the interior aquascaping (driftwood, gravel, plants and rocks) along with the equipment and livestock needed for the aquariums to thrive. Finally, We delivers and installs the aquarium at your location.